German (Saxon) Alphabet Sampler, circa 1750

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This partial German band sampler (the lower half was evidently removed at some point in its journey to the 21st century) was probably made in Saxony, in the area of Dresden, as the style resembles others that The Scarlet Letter have reproduced from that region (titled SDW, IRS, JCS and IES 1707, to name four). It has been arranged in two columns, the left side in finer stitches than the right. The sampler features a number of horizontal pattern bands very precisely stitched, as well as elaborate alphabets which were usually used as training exercises for embellishments to towels, cuffs, pillow cases, and other household textiles. The original sampler retains excellent color. Stitches used are cross and double running (back stitch). On 35 count linen the reproduction sampler will measure approximately 9-1/2″ x 19-1/2″. It is recommended for any skill level.

Thank you, Robert Smith, for stitching the model.

View the original antique sampler here

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