Antique Samplers


Janet Nicoll

Very finely stitched sampler, either Scottish or English, with a very unusual horizontal band of boxers across the top as well as stylized lions and 17th-century type motifs, executed in counted satin and double running stitch: quite an anomaly. A four-sided honeysuckle border conforms more to the date. The sampler is executed in cross, double…


Mary Moss

English sampler framed in an old wood frame with rippled, old glass, stitched to linen with wood backing (frame likely original). The sampler is worked in silk on linen ground in cross, petit point, outline, and back stitches. A meandering and greek key border surrounds an elaborate vase of flowers and a short verse. Very…


Charlotte Penston

Very finely stitched English sampler with a four sided floral border, with six pious verses, a lovely horizontal arcaded floral band, above a large basket full of colorful flowers surrounded by ten flying birds and beautifully undulating leafy trees. Very good condition and color (some holes in the outermost borders, but the sampler has been…


Elizabeth Alford

Very fine English sampler with a large central motif of elaborately cross-stitched roses, with pious verses on either side. Adam and Eve are stitched at the top with cherubs flying above them along with the moon and stars, elaborate crowns, and evergreen trees on either side. There are two brick houses in the lower register…


Margarat Mure

Very finely stitched Scottish sampler featuring the traditional mansion house seen on so many Scottish samplers of this period, with an extensive garden and stone walls. It is curiously flanked by an exotic cow and a soldier. There is a four-sided floral border executed in cross and double running stitches. Above the house is an…


Agnes Clark

Probably Scottish sampler on a loosely woven homespun linen with a four-sided floral border and two rows of alphabets and numerals. Familial initials (WC, JC, AC, among others) are interspersed with heart motifs. The lower register features two peacocks facing a tree, surrounded by more birds and foliage. The condition is very good but faded.…


Two Samplers made by Catherine Elizabeth Buchanan

Catherine’s samplers were made in 1796 (the simpler one) and 1798. The latter sampler features two verses with freehand stitched floral bands above a delightful scene depicting a gentleman standing on a dock extending a bouquet of flowers to a lady standing behind the Dutch door of a brick cottage, surrounded by a body of…


Mary Green

What an amazing sampler this is, with text interspersed with elaborate motifs in a wide variety of stitches. Mary Green made this sampler at Mrs Lear’s school in Dewsbury, West Yorkshire, demonstrating a high level of skill using cross, satin, stem, petit point, queen, straight and back stitches for a variety of unusual motifs including…

Sarah Smith Antique

Sarah Smith

An English sampler featuring a large flower basket and two matching bookend houses, surrounded by an elaborate four sided floral and leafy border. The lettering style is Quaker. The color is excellent. Stitches used are cross and petit point. There are some small holes in the background linen. Sampler is 15″ x 13″, with frame…


Mary Brown 1829

A Scottish sampler executed with wool and silk on linen, featuring many traditional Scottish needlework motifs including an arcaded pansy band across the top, illuminated letters, family initials, peacocks, “stacked” trees, and a fine stone mansion house. A soldier and a woman flank the house with birds, crowns, and plants around them as well as…


Elizabeth Taylor 1823

An “Adam and Eve” sampler, probably English, with a four sided berry border surrounding various pictorial elements, most prominently an enormous white cat and a grand house atop a groomed lawn, flanked by an enormous white sheep on the left and a brown horned cow on the right. Stitches used are cross, petit point and…


Mary Holtby

This is an English sampler depicting “Joseph and Mary’s Flight into Egypt” in the lower register. Joseph with a red beard carries a lantern and leads a donkey bearing Mary. The scene is flanked by two fruiting trees, as well as lions, dogs and sheep. In the central register, elongated female figures flank stags and…


Hand Woven Cotton Sack

Antique hand woven cotton sack, KURTH MALTING COMPANY, 18.5″x42″, Expertly patched and mended.


Bed Sheet Initialed E

Antique hand woven linen bed sheet, 60″ x 63″, minor repairs, initialed “E”, approximately 36-38 thread count..

bathe Main

Mary Bathe

This English sampler features an impressive stone mansion with mullioned windows at the top, flanked by beautiful butterflies, flowers, and fruit baskets. A four sided floral borders encloses the sampler and a verse titled “Messiah”. Hark a glad voice the lonely desert cheers Prepare the way a God a God appears A God a God…