Hannah Albertson

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Origin and date: American Quaker 1826
Rated: Intermediate to advanced
Linen count and finished size: 35-count or 40-count.
Stitches: Cross, straight, Queen, counted satin, and stem filling

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Hannah’s sampler was likely made in Chester County, Pennsylvania, as it bears distinct stylistic similarities to other documented Chester County samplers of the same period, including Hannah Carpenter’s of 1811, Hannah James’ of 1826, and Sibilla Ways’ of 1813, all in the collection of the Chester County Historical Society. In fact, Hannah Carpenter might be the teacher responsible for designing this particular sampler format having stitched hers in 1811, when she was 22 years old, and teaching needlework in the county. This format consists of a floral border, delicate potted rose-trees, and four-line verses positioned in various places around the sampler. Hannah Albertson’s sampler also includes Quaker-style motifs, although at this period there were many schools, other than Quaker, where needlework was being taught in Chester County, and without further information on Hannah’s genealogy, it is impossible to be certain of the sampler’s origins.

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