Mary Ogleed

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Origin and date: England, 1694
Rated: Advanced
Linen count and finished size: 35 count, 11-3/4″x10″ slightly larger than the original sampler which measures 8-3/4″x9-1/2″
Stitches: Montenegrin cross, Italian cross, counted satin, eyelet, double running, seeding, split, stem, four-sided, Croatian flat, and detached buttonhole
Source: Private Collection

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This is an extremely rare and unusual seventeenth century sampler – rare for its shape, its overall size, the combination of stitches and techniques used in its creation, as well as its superb state of preservation. A sampler displaying elements such as the arcaded pattern band, double running stitch bands, spot motifs and alphabets would invariably be band-shaped, not complete and yet nearly square as this one is. The detached buttonhole stitch fig leaf on Eve, and the detached stumpwork apples on the tree are almost always found on more elaborate display pieces, such as workboxes. It is very unusual to see these techniques applied on sampler work. The original sampler measures 8-3/4″ x 9-1/2″, while our reproduction on 35-count linen comes in slightly larger at 11-3/4″x10″.

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