Polly Taylor 1778


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A spectacular English sampler that has been poorly treated over the centuries but remains resplendent in the intricacy and beauty of the workmanship.  The lovely four-sided floral border has been reduced to just three sides (top, sides, no bottom) but the glory of the past shines through. The verse:

Adam Alone in Paradise Did Grive And thought Eden a Desart without Eve Until God Pitteing His Lonesome State Crown All His Wishes With A Lovely Mate What Reason Then Has Man To Slight or Flought Her that Could Not Live in Paradise Without Her


If Adam and Eve are depicted, they’re elaborately clothed with a massive castle on the hill behind them.  There is a tall and curious camel looming on the right side of the scene.  The general condition is sad but not without hope of resurrection.  A great deal of the color is still very good.  It has not been examined out of the frame, but it will be.  I am not including measurements to the outer edges of the frame, because the frame doesn’t fit and was added much later.  The sampler itself, having sustained the loss of its lower outer border, measures 12-3/4” x 14-1/2”.