Solitude, Religion, Virtue, Let – Four Quaker Samplers


GRAPH ONLY (contains graphs for all four samplers)


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These four Quaker samplers, designed after pieces executed at the Ackworth School in Yorkshire, England, were made as exercises not only in plain sewing skills, but as lessons in faith, humility, resolution, parsimony, self-discipline, and morality, as the student contemplated the words she was sewing during the long hours spent plying her needle. Most often, this type of sampler was stitched with cotton thread, which was much less expensive than silk. Each one of the finished samplers in this kit pack will measure approximately 15″x15″, stitched on 40 count linen. The only stitch required is cross stitch. Graphs, linen, and cotton floss for all four samplers are included in the kit; just the graphs for the four samplers are included in the graph pack. The project is recommended for beginning level stitchers.

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