Customer Completed Samplers

Mary Hurst

Dear Marsha,The sampler Mary Hurst was easy and varied to embroider. I have enjoyed it! Greetings from Germany. Sigrid Eckel Get your own kit, graph or model of Mary Hurst.

Piping Shepherd

Made by Bonnie Chamberlain Dear Marsha,Here is the finished and framed Piping Shepherd sampler. The finished size on 25 count is 21″ x 16″. It did take extra threads for the 25 count but Marsha was quick to send the requests for shortages in the mail. I worked on the piece for two years some…

Three More TSL Samplers made by Connie

Hi, Marsha,I love your new website format and spent some time browsing this morning. I hope to have more time to browse more and shop again. I like the new customer stitching feature. Attached are some TSL pieces I’ve completed, with more to do in my stash. 1. M.A. Tipper sampler reproduction.A Bristol, England orphanage…

Dorothy Walpole by Michele Barton

Good Afternoon Marsha,I thought I would send you a picture of my completed Dorothy. I loved stitching her. I loved the variety of stitches in the pattern. When I took her to be framed, my framer who also stitches showed her to a lot of people who loved her too. I think the frame really…

Miniature English Sampler

Marsha, I recently completed the Miniature Sampler, a TSL from 1986. Of course it was easy, but I am completely charmed by unsophisticated girlhood samplers. I had a blast doing this and am thrilled with the framing. I truly enjoyed the one-over-one on 25 count. Connie

Ann Smith by Debbie Roman

Marsha,I wanted to send you a picture of my Ann Smith which I just had framed. I have to say that it has to be my favorite sampler so far, not only as far as a Scarlet Letter piece, but of any of the samplers that I have done. It was a wonderful piece to…

Six (6) TSL Samplers by Sandra Moffitt

Hi Marsha, I thought that you might like to add these beautiful samplers to your Gallery. I like samplers that challenge my abilities and have found that you have some beautiful ones in your collection which fill this need. I love all of my samplers, but I think that my favourite is Rebecca Cullin. She…

Lydia Hart and Stumpwork Picture

Barbara Grantmyre completed Lydia Hart and the center part of The Stumpwork Picture.

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