Customer Completed Samplers

Lydia Hart and Stumpwork Picture

Barbara Grantmyre completed Lydia Hart and the center part of The Stumpwork Picture.

Sun and Moon and German Sampler by AED

Vickie Bullis contributed “Sun and Moon” and the German sampler by AED.


Made by Donna Demers Marsha, Well here she is. I had separation anxiety when she was off at the framers but the results were great. I love her. Cheers,Donna Demers

Mary Ann Macdonald

Made by Bethany Dear Marsha, As I promised, here is my framed and finished Mary. I added the needle and thread you mention finding in the original. I don’t know if it shows up in the full photo, so I have sent a close up of the area in which I placed it. I hope…

A Parrot, a Leopard, a Lion

Made by Katharine hi, My sampler just came back from the framing shop, and here are the photos I promised you. I love this little piece. Thanks for the beautiful kit, Katharine

Amy Ball

A sampler made by Jill Lyons After many months since mid 2014, I have at last finished my Amy Ball 1810 Scarlet Letter reproduction sampler. It has now been framed. I am delighted with it as it is such a beautiful sampler. Please thank Marsha for all her work in reproducing it. I would be…

Emily Jane Brooks

Samplers by Mary Here’s Emily surrounded by just a few of my SL samplers. Hopefully you can see how beautiful she is in spite of the glare. Mary

Wall of Samplers and more…

Made by Mary Hi Marsha,Sending my wall of Samplers and two others that I have hung in the guest bedroom. I love them all. … so great that I discovered The Scarlet Letter and your patterns!!! Mary

Eleanor Parr

Made by Willena That I just finished. I am proud of my work. So I thought you might like to see it. Willena

Hanna Katerina

Made by Irene Recently I stitched your German sampler Hanna Katerina what a truly wonderful pattern and to say I enjoyed it would be putting it mildly. As I stitched each motif I went in search of the meaning behind each one, the story that unfolded was truly amazing. Your reproduction of this sampler is…

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