Three More TSL Samplers made by Connie

Hi, Marsha,
I love your new website format and spent some time browsing this morning. I hope to have more time to browse more and shop again. I like the new customer stitching feature. Attached are some TSL pieces I’ve completed, with more to do in my stash.

1. M.A. Tipper sampler reproduction.
A Bristol, England orphanage sampler. It took me five years to complete (in “rotation” with other projects), but every stitch was fun. Originally on 50 count fabric, I did it on 28 (I wanted to enjoy it), so it’s huge. It is hem-stitched by hand, thanks to my dear friend Norma who taught me how to do it. 2008.

2. Ann Carter Sampler-Lancaster & Madison, Wisconsin 1820s or 1830s
This sampler was lovingly stitched for our neighbors and very close friends, who come from Madison, Wisconsin. Finding this piece in my collection was one of those great meant-to-be moments. 2011.

3. The Gardner Pocketbook 1755 reproduction.
I did the stitching. The density of the design a real challenge on 36 count fabric. Wisely, I hired a professional finisher to make the purse. 2004.