TT ID Scottish Sampler 1798

Featuring the initials TT and ID
Executed in cross, eyelet, and double running stitches, this sampler features a popular motif of a standing fountain with two birds, possibly doves, with wings outstretched, perched on the bowl.  There is a wreath of leaves enclosing the fountain. This may have been intended to represent the Fountain of Life and is a very old motif.  The sampler has seven crowns, three identified as M, K, and D (Marquis, King, Duke), and a very strange-looking bird in the lower-left corner with two chicks on its back and one on the ground.  There are four rows of beautifully illuminated alphabets, all stitched in mostly red and green.  Very good color and condition, with minor stitch losses on the right side.
The sampler itself measures 8″ x 17″, with the frame (older but not contemporary with the sampler) 11″ x 19-1/2″