Sibmacher Band Sampler 1763

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Origin and date: Southern Germany, 1763
Rated: Intermediate
Linen count/finished size: 35 or 40 count, 13-1/2″x22″ or 11-1/2×18″ (please specify!)
Stitches: Cross, counted satin
Source: The German Sampler Museuminter

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From the German Sampler Museum in Celle, Germany.
We have named this sampler after the man who designed some of the most prominent motifs used on it: Johann Sibmacher. His patterns appeared in Schon Neues Modelbuch, published in Nurnberg in 1597, and subsequently in England in the 17th century as The Needle’s Excellency. Through the 19th century, his patterns reappear on samplers made on the continent as well as in England and America. On this southern German sampler, the stags, peacock, lamb, and some of the geometric patterning derive from Sibmacher. Christian symbolism is often found on continental samplers, here exemplified by the lamb and flag, or Lamb of God. Early German samplers are not always signed, but are often simply initialed within a cartouche. They tend to be less symmetrical- more random- than English or American samplers, and worked primarily in cross stitch in a muted color palette. Stitched used in this sampler are cross and counted satin. The original sampler measures 17″x10-1/4″ and was stitched with silk on a very fine, light colored linen.

The finished model available has been framed in an antique figured maple frame of circa 1820.

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