Scarlet Letter’s Christmas Sampler

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Inspired by designs from 18th century English, Scottish and American samplers, we have designed a sampler with a holiday theme that makes use of the bold, unfaded colors found on the reverse side of many antique samplers, where exposure to light has not altered their original brilliant hues. The verse comes from a 19th century English carol, its theme reflected in the wreaths and evergreens of various types surrounding the central reserve.

We often forget that many of our Christmas rituals derive from the worship of Nature by ancient civilizations, including the winter Solstice, and the spirits living in the trees- particularly those trees that remain green through the darkest season. The sun rises over a snowy Christmas morning scene at the bottom of the sampler with the stars still shining in the deep blue cold wintry sky: rays of warmth and a symbol of hope that the world always turns back to the spring. Stitches used in the sampler are cross, back, counted thread satin, queen, French knots, Gobelin and stem. It is recommended for intermediate level stitchers.

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