Moses in the Bulrushes

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The story of the birth of Moses is told in the Old Testament book of Exodus, chapter two, verses one through ten. During this time there was a large Israelite population in Egypt, and the Egyptian Pharaoh was fearful that the Israelites would unite with the enemies of Egypt in war and defeat them. so the Pharaoh ordered all Hebrew baby boys born to the Israelite women to be killed.

Moses was born around 1525 BC to Amram and Jochebad, both Hebrew descendants of the house of Levi. Jochebad hid her son for three months from the Egyptians wishing to kill him, but when she could no longer hide him she made a waterproof wicker basket, and set him in the reeds by the bank of the Nile river.

This beautiful depiction of the Old Testament story was likely made in the late seventeenth or very early eighteenth century. The lively mix of biblical story has been interpreted by the needle worker through her contemporary lens (note the rambling red brick late Tudor/early Stuart buildings and the fashionable clothing of the women-apart from their rather clumsy sandals) as they gather the baby from the river. The central picture may have derived from an engraving or a wood cut, perhaps even taken from a printed bible of the period. The facial and body expressions of the women, the baby with his “pixie” hat, the barque calmly sailing in the river beyond, reflect the humor and imagination of the young girl who embroidered this piece.

On 35 count linen, the finished picture will measure approximately 12″ x 14-1/2″.

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