FWSA 1826 an Italian sampler

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LINEN: 40 count*(*35 count linen can be substituted upon request.)
Finished size: 21-3/4″x15″
Rated: Intermediate

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Italian samplers of this period are extremely rare, and this fine example features a large duomo (cathedral), a soldier on horseback, a wonderful green lizard, a mouse trap, and many other unusual motifs. The verse, in Latin, translates as Take comfort in Christ’s passion. What is especially interesting about this sampler is how the outer floral border changes seven times, yet the perception is still of a unified, premeditated design. This schizophrenic border appears to have been quite deliberately planned. The maker, presumably FWSA herself, incorporated sophisticated, painterly techniques into her piece such as the use of perspective (note the foreshortened door, opening to the side chapel), and shadow (the horse’s shadow appears in front of it, as if lit by evening sun). The stones in the church are worked in upright Gobelin stitch, which gives a three- dimensional appearance and truly imitates the appearance of stone. Typical of samplers made in Catholic countries, a cross appears before the alphabet. Stitches used are all counted thread: cross, back, straight, counted satin (upright Gobelin), and tent.

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