The Dragonflyby IW 1744

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Origin and date: Scottish 1744
Rated: Intermediate
Linen count and finished size: 35-count, 19-1/2″x12-1/2″ – 40-count dyed 17″x11″ PLEASE SPECIFY!
Stitches: Cross, double running, Queen, trellis, eyelet, and counted satin. The wings of the dragonfly held by the “boxer” in the lower left corner are worked with silver bullion
Source: Private collection

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Scottish samplers often exhibit specific elements of design, including richly illuminated letters, the use of bold, primary colors, peacock motifs, peculiar shaded mounds upon which sit urns, or Adams and Eves, or groups of odd little rabbits stacked up or all in a row, and many pairs of initials of family members. This Scottish samplers has them all, including a variation on the first six lines of an anonymous rhymed version of the Ten Commandments, written around 1731:

1 Have thou no other gods but me
2 Unto no Image bow the knee
3 Take not the name of god in vain
4 Do noot the Sabbath day prophane
5 Honour thy father and Mother too
6 And see that thou no Murder do

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