Rated: Any skill level
Finished size: 11-1/2″x27″
Stitches: Satin, stem, French knots, bullion, tent,
lazy daisy, long and short, buttonhole, back, outline

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The culmination of an upper-class 18th century New England girl’s education was the creation of a needlework picture like this one. Popular English engravings of bucolic and hunting scenes provided the inspiration for many a needlework chef d’oeuvre, both in England and , later, in America. Many New England pictorial embroideries of the 18th century follow English design influences, particularly these scenes in idyllic Arcadian landscapes. So popular was needlework in this century that it is said of England’s Queen Mary (joint ruler with King William, 1689-1694) that she was oftener seen with a skein of thread about her neck than attending to affairs of state. Such was the prevailing attitude toward fine needlework that heralded in the 18th century. To properly enjoy these naive and cheerful scenes one must disregard perspective, and appreciate the youthful optimism and exuberance of the work. Larger pieces, such as this, were intended for prominent display, as the focal point of a room, directly above the fireplace mantle, the frame often sporting attached candle sconces, hence the descriptive name ‘chimneypiece.’ Ours is designed after these spectacular 18th century pictorial needleworks.

The last Chimneypiece kit has been sold. The only thing I have left is instructions and sampler drawings. I’m offering those for $10.00 each and quantity is limited. The drawing of the sampler is done by hand and is not a complete graph of the sampler.

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