Ann Hair 1762

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Origin and date: England, 1762
Rated: Intermediate
Linen count and finished size: 35 or 40 count, 16-1/4″x22-1/4″ or 14-1/4″x19-1/4″ (please specify your choice)
Stitches: Cross, counted satin, eyelet, long and short, double running
Source: Fitzwilliam Museum, Cambridge, England

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This is a beautifully balanced, intensely stitched transitional sampler. Worked originally in brightly colored silk threads on a fine tammy (wool) ground, it features a repeating, four-sided carnation border, surrounding five horizontal bands interspersed by lines of inscription. The verses have numerous grammatical, syntactical and spelling errors, and read as follows:

All You my Friends That now Expect To See A Piece of Work Thus Performed By me
Cast But A smile upon my small indever
Ill strive to Mind and Be Obedient Ever.
Then I’ll not Be Proud OF my Youth nor my Beauty sence
Both of Them Wither and fade
But Gain a Good name By Well Duing my Duty.
This will sent like a Rose When I am Dead. Blest be the Lord That Sent his Son To take our Flesh and Blood He for our Lives Gave UP his own To make our Peace With God. When This You See Remember me Miss Iewel. In all Misfortunes this Advantage Lies They make us humble and they make usWise
Lets bear it calmly Tho’ a grievous Woe and still adore The hand the gives the Blow. Long Live the King Long Live the gracious Queen our grateful Ile Perpetually shall Sing. Transported see that She can boast alone the happiest Pair upon the Brightest Throne, Let Title Be the name of Truth This is the Practice of Thy Youth With care ber me
and court I have this Roat and Finished With a Vurgin Thought. When this you see Remem . . .

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