Jane Atkinson circa 1780

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Circa 1780


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This needlework was designed after an English sampler in the collection of the Museum of Fine Arts-Boston. The lush border flowers are similar to those on a sampler made by Sarah Brignell  from around the same period, suggesting the existence of a school or teacher whose “specialty” was opulent floral borders. The border includes elaborately stitched tulips, roses, carnations, daisies and lilies. The verse is as follows:

What though my sins are of a Crimson stain
My saviours blood can wash me white again
Though numerous the twinkling stars they be
or sands along the margin of the sea Or as
smooth pebbles on some beachy shore
The mercies of the Almighty still are more

On 40 count linen, the sampler will measure approximately 14-1/2″ x 23″. Stitches used are cross, back, and counted satin. The project is recommended for intermediate level needleworkers.

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