Abbie Lucas circa 1770

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Linen: 25 count unbleached, our exclusive weave
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This sampler came to us from a descendent of the maker, whose genealogical records went back only as far as early 19th century Connecticut. to one Elizabeth Lucas, whose great aunt Abbie made this “before the war”. This bit of information had been passed along orally in the family and there is no written record of where Aunt Abbie lived or died. A very similar piece is pictured in American Samplers by Ethel Stanwood Bolton and Eva Johnson Coc. unsigned but dated 1775. depicting a tree with apples in which appear meaningful words such as: PARDON. VICTORY, SANCTIFICATION, BAPTISM, REFUGE., SECURITY, PROMISES, etc The existence of this similar dated sampler reinforces the oral family tradition. The figures on Abbie’s sampler are more primitive than those on the 1775 sampler which suggests an earlier date.

The verse is from Psalms I, and is illustrated by the scene above:

The shall be like a tree planted by he water side that bring forth his fruit in due season.

Flanked by caped, winged, and harp playing angels, the sun above proclaims PEACE, and the apples in the tree announce various Christian virtues. Abbie worked her name in one of the apples. humbly, in a much paler shade, which is difficult to read. The piece requires only cross stitch (over one and two threads of linen) to complete. The silk ribbon and rosettes shown on our model are not included with the kit, but are available separately.

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