The Wind Blows

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Rated: Intermediate to advanced
Linen count: 35 count
Finished size: 9″ x 26
Stitches: Cross, double running, eyelet, counted satin, back, Montenegrin cross and French knots

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Inspired by seventeenth century English band samplers, as well as sixteenth century Italian sculptural motifs, this sampler was created as a memorial to a dear friend who died too soon. The queen and king assume the stance of Adam and Eve under the Tree of Life with a starry sky above, the sun peeking through the clouds above. Flanked by mazes and stylized lions and dragons, the main verse, written by Henry King (1592-1669) was first published in 1664:

The wind blows out the bubble dies
The spring entomb’d in Autumn lies
The dew dries up: the starre is shot
The flight is past and man forgot

The sampler closes with an excerpt from a poem titled “The Widower’s Tango ” by Neruda/Walsh:

What an enormous night, what a lonely earth!

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