Side by Side Band circa 1650

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Origin and date: English, circa 1650
Rated: Advanced
Linen count and finished size: 30 count, 15″x25″
Stitches: Double running, Montenegrin cross, back, eyelet, cross, chain, seed, trellis, buttonhole, double cross, bullion, running and counted satin
Source: The Fitzwilliam Museum in Cambridge, England

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This is a very rare example of two unified band samplers, worked on one single piece of linen 15-3/4″ wide, at a time when most samplers were only between 5-1/4 and 8-1/2 inches wide. Most certainly a pattern record, it consists of two sections divided vertically by a 3/4 inch band embroidered with two alphabets. The band with three blue birds derives from Frederico de Vinciolo’s 1587 pattern book Singuliers et Nouveaux Pourtraicts, published in Paris. Fleurs de lis, acorns, carnations, oak leaves, violets, strawberries, diaper patterns, daisies, lilies, tulips, and mazes, all popular symbolic and decorative motifs of the seventeenth century, are used through the sampler.

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