Sarah Brignell 1769

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Origin and date: England, 1769
Rated: Intermediate
Linen count and finished size: 35 or 40 count, 16-1/2″x24″ or
Stitches: Cross, petit point, satin, stem
Source: Victoria & Albert Museum

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Try as we might, we cannot find another sampler to compare with this one by Sarah Brignell. It is a sampler unto itself: truly an original piece of folk art. The tiny central cartouche with the densely stitched scene floats like a little world unto itself in the midst of the exuberant garden of flowers vining around all four sides. This is what we try to seek out in our samplers for reproduction: the unique, the genius that shines through, the personal expression that goes beyond the stock art form, that retains its brilliance over the centuries. Samplers are vastly more than mere alphabetical exercises in monotony. Here is an example of sampler art at its finest.

The verse is:


To The My God I hourly sigh but Not for the rich Eastren
Shore: Nor that Deludeing Empty Joy Men Call A
mighty name not greatness in its gayest pride my
Restless thoughts inflame: nor pleasure soft inticeing
charms my fond Desire allure for greater things
Then these from thee my wishes would secure
Those blissful those transporting smiles that brighten heaven
Above the boundless riches of thy grace
And Treasures of the Love these are
The mighty things I crave I make these blessings
Mine and i the stories of the world contentedly

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