Margaret Wood 1830


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This is quite the treasure, an English sampler in excellent condition, framed within a spectacular old, possibly original, compound hardwood frame with inlay banding. The sampler’s four-sided border has been executed in cross, counted satin, and double-running stitches. It is unusual that she has left a blank linen border beyond the stitched border.

The stark, serene scene in the lower third depicts a lone stone house, executed in cross stitch, flanked by trees filled with silk chenille (caterpillar stitches) branches. The lawn in front has been done in chenille, and from what I can see there might be something written in this area in blue cross stitch. A mystery!

The attribution has been stitched with tiny eyelets. The floral sprays on the four corners are stitched in cross, petit point, and counted satin stitches.

This is an extraordinarily moody sampler…the lonely stone house, flanked only by trees with a heatherish sort of lawn beneath, offset by the amazing four-sided border.

There has been some fading; the golds on the front may be red on the back, but the sampler has not been disassembled here. It appears to be in very stable condition.

Stitched area 21-1/2″ x 21-1/2″
Visible image 23″ x 23″
External dimensions, including the frame 29-1/2″ x 29-1/2″