Margaret Logan

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Margaret Logan’s pictorial sampler displays an excellent composition, incorporating a country cottage and a rural scene with many traditional sampler motifs, and a verse. The cottage sits above an extensive lawn with two distinct paths, and a pair of leafy trees with birds nestled in the branches. Two large and beautifully shaded roses (reminiscent of flowers seen on Quaker samplers) flank the scene, which includes dogs, an owl, and a pair of bluebell flowers. Lions, birds, stars, baskets of fruit, pots of flowers and trees count among the spot motifs. Margaret Logan was eleven years old when she stitched this sampler. She included a classic Quaker motif in the center of her work: a pair of birds perched on a stylized branch in an octagonal enclosure. Two similar examples- one made by Charlotte Christian in 1823, and another by Susannah Stretton in 1821, suggest the existence of a teacher who might have been educated by Quakers, and who perhaps designed the distinctive cottage, lawn, and roses, We have copies of two hand penned poems, presumably written by Margaret’s sisters to her on the occasion of her wedding, dated December 25th, 1849. The text, and copies of the original poems, are included with the kit.

Stitches used are cross over two and four threads of linen. 40 count linen, supplied with the kit, will most closely approximate the size of the original sampler. The finished size will be approximately 23-3/4″ x 20-1/2″ on 40 count linen.

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