HUSWIF 18th Century England

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This little needlework was likely made as a panel of a “huswif”/aka a “housewife”, which was an embroidered, double-sided vertical series of pockets made to hold needleworking supplies.  It could be folded up or hung from a peg for swift access to the necessities of mending clothing. In shape and design, it very much resembles the lowermost panel of an English sampler pocket made by Ann Marner, in the collection of the St. Gallen Textile Museum.  On the front, where the pockets open, each was decorated with symmetrical pictorial motifs, while the backside was stitched primarily with verses. This version has been updated from TSL’s previous edition, now printed in a full-color chart.  On 40 count linen, stitched in petit point, the finished reproduction will measure approximately the same size as the original: 4-1/4″ x 3-1/2″.   It is recommended for any skill level.

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