Margaret Scott October 10, 1827 Blainstle

This antique is SOLD.

Scottish sampler featuring many spot motifs including birds, trees, flowers, dogs, alphabets, family initials, a verse and a peacock within a cartouche lower center. The verse reads:

While thus my fingers o’er the canvas roam
The letters form or teach the flowers to blow
Oh may my soul as pure to world’s above
And learn betimes eternal things to know

The morn of life will quickly fade away
And youth must lose its sprightliness and bloom
Mortals are ever tending to decay
And every step leads downward to the tomb

The verse below the peacock in the box reads:

In this piece my name you’ll find
When I am dead and out of mind
When greedy worms my body eat
Here you will find my name complete

The sampler is stitched with fine wool and silk on a tammy ground, in cross, petit point and counted satin stitches. There are some minor holes in the ground, and some thread loss and fading. The sampler measures 12-1/2″ X 17-1/2″,with the frame it measures 15-1/4″ x 20″. It is framed in a lovely Hogarth style frame.