Early nineteenth-century Scottish sampler featuring several unusual horizontal pattern bands derived from much earlier Scottish samplers. Stitched with silk on loosely woven homespun linen, the sampler is surrounded by a four-sided strawberry border. The alphabet, A through T, runs across the top followed by the derivative earlier pattern bands There are three seven-tailed peacocks, and a depiction of a stylized Adam and Eve under the tree of life with the serpent, straight out of many 18th century Scottish samplers. At the bottom is a fenced area with three birds, flanked by arcaded pansy motifs. The stitches used are cross and eyelet. The sampler has not been examined out of its frame, but the color is very likely more vivid on the backside. Very good condition, but faded The mahogany veneer frame could be original. Sampler 17″ x 10-1/2″, with frame 24″ x 17-1/2″.