Harriot Ringrose Aged 11, 1852

This antique is SOLD. Purchase sampler kit, graph or finished model (if available) for yourself.

This pictorial sampler illustrates the flight of Joseph and Mary into Egypt, accompanied by Christmas themed verses:

Bright Angels sung on that happy morn
Glory to God a saviour’s born
He lived he bled he died upon the tree
He reigns in heaven to intercede for me.

The sampler has two additional verses:

Glory to God in the highest
and on earth Peace
Good Will toward men

Honour your parents from whence you sprung
They nourish’d you when you were young
They brought you up in tenderness and care
And for your education did not spare.

A four sided floral border surrounds the scene and verses, The sampler was stitched with wool, and is framed in a remarkable oak chip carved frame. The color and condition are both very good. The sampler itself measures 18″ x 19″, with the frame 23″ x 23″. Conservation mounted.