This antique is SOLD. Purchase sampler kit, graph or finished model (if available) for yourself.

This is a very finely stitched German sampler beginning with a single row of alphabets above an immensely intricate collection of symbolic cross stitched motifs, including fighting angels, the figure of Justice with her scales, the Spies of Canaan, the crucifixion, Adam and Eve and the tree of life, Solomon’s Temple, the Lamb of God, the symbolic Alpha and Omega, and the sacrifice of Isaac. The sampler is stitched entirely in cross stitch on an extremely fine linen ground. Some of the words are illegible, but what I have been able to translate are “All glory to God” and “Do not sin”. The linen is slightly darkened and the colors somewhat faded. There are a few stains and some thread loss to the linen but it is in generally good condition. It has been conservation mounted under ultra violet filtering glass with acid free spacers. The sampler itself measures 13 inches square, with the frame it is 16 inches square.