Ann Whittaker circa 1778

  1. This English sampler is the most funky sort I’ve ever seen with the main characters having electric hair and seeming to play toss the ball with apples. It is exquisitely stitched in silk on very fine linen. Flying cherubs above the verse (from Genesis) blurt speech bubbles proclaiming “Strive to excell” and “Behold the reward”. Dramatic and theatrical blue curtains drape the upper register. There are some losses to the linen around the extremities of the border but the overall color and condition is excellent. The gilded frame could possibly be original. The last three lines of the verse are poignant:

Rebellious man was hurl’d
But Jesus died on the cross to save
A sinking world

19″ x 13-1/2″ With frame 22″ x 17″