Amelia Wilson 1837


A very finely stitched English sampler in superb condition with an unusual pomegranate and palm leaf border, executed in three tiers.  The top contains a verse flanked by intricate floral sprays and beneath the verse are more meticulously stitched foliate sprays and a vignette of a small pond with a swimming duck.

The verse is:

The gentle child that tries to please,

That hates to quarrel, fret and tease,

And would not say an angry word;

That child is pleasing to the Lord.

In the center, the “gentle child” plays with her doll and her spaniel, having set down what appears to be a needlework frame.  The lower register has the attribution with beautifully stitched baskets of flowers on either side.

Stitches used in the sampler are cross, counted satin, four-sided and petit point.  It is framed in probably the original rosewood frame.  The color and condition of the sampler are excellent.  16″ x 13″, with the frame 19″ x 17″