About Our Galleries

If you have finished a Scarlet Letter sampler, we'd love to hear about it and see a picture! Send it to us, either by email or post, and we'll add it to our customer sampler gallery.

If your sampler has won a blue ribbon at a fair or other award, let us know and we'll add it to our awards gallery.

The antique gallery contains many of the antique samplers that have passed through The Scarlet Letter over the years, including many that have been reproduced.

In 2013, over 230 stitchers took up the challenge to stitch a Scarlet Letter sampler. Between us we have managed 160 finishes stitched by people all around the world from experienced stitchers with walls full of Scarlet Letter samplers to the newbies who finished their first piece just for this challenge. Originally the blog was set up just for the year but as so many would like to continue with the group we are carrying on and will now be known as "Our Scarlet Letter Years". It is a place for samplers lovers to meet, chat, share our stitching and samplers, support each other and appreciate the reproductions and original designs of Marsha Parker.

Welcome to Our Galleries!