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Happy Hallows to All!
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The leaves are still colorful here in southeastern Wisconsin, but the hard frosts have taken their toll on the gardens. Mario, now exactly one year old, was not shorn in the spring so he is enjoying the cool nights with a full year's worth of fiber. It's a shame he enjoys rolling in the mud so much.

It's time to start thinking about our winter projects, Christmas gifts, evenings in front of the fire, creating objects of great beauty with our hands. In this email I am featuring some new designs, upcoming designs, and antique samplers acquired along the way. Please enjoy the view.

All the best,

Marsha and
all your friends at
Smoke Ham Farm



Mario and Marsha

Mary Hammand

 Mary Hammand 1732 - Coming in 2015

This sampler will be available as a reproduction in 2015. The original is in the collection of the State Historical Society of Wisconsin. Click on the picture for a larger image.

New Reproductions

The most recently added reproduction samplers are shown below. More pictures and additional information about them is available on the website.


Eleanor Parr

Eleanor Parr

Eleanor Parr created this amazing and unique sampler some time before 1835. Her extraordinary sampler, employing only cross stitch, petit point and stem filling stitches, is a magnificent testimony to what the simplest stitches can accomplish given creativity, motivation and of course access to some very good materials. Available October 30, 2014. More information...

The Four Angels
The Four Angels Mourning Sampler

Mourning pictures were not an uncommon art form in England and America during the late eighteenth and early nineteenth centuries. Evolving from European commemorative art honoring deceased heroes, mourning pictures were a cherished way to remember loved ones, designed to hang in the most important public rooms of the house. The Four Angels Mourning Sampler has been left blank at the lower center in order to allow the needle worker to design his/her own memorial for their loved one who has passed. More information...

IES 1704

IES 1704

This intricate and involved sampler features many traditional German sampler motifs dating from the sixteenth century. More information ...

Hanna Katerina
Hanna Katerina

This finely stitched German sampler begins with a single row of alphabets above an immensely intricate collection of symbolic cross stitched motifs. More information ...

Recent Antiques

The most recently added antique samplers are shown below. More pictures and additional information about them is available on the website.

Reproduction Sampler  Eleanor Parr
Eleanor Parr

The original "Eleanor Parr" antique sampler is available for sale. Her sampler is executed with wool threads on linen in cross, petit point and stem stitches and is in very good condition. More information ...

Reproduction Sampler  Barbara Hendarson

Barbara Hendarson

Another wonderful Scottish "mansion house" sampler, this piece begins with a beautiful stem and satin stitched freehand vine and ribbon upper border above a verse. More information ...

Reproduction Sampler  Elizabeth Mitchel

Elizabeth Mitchel

This quintessential Scottish sampler is stitched with fine silks on linen with an industrious use of stitches including queen, petit point, back, cross, counted satin, stem and turkeywork. The sampler will be available as a chart/kit in early 2015. More infomation ...

Reproduction Sampler  E. Bose
E. Bose

E. Bose is a monochromatic German sampler that could have been stitched either in Germany, or by an immigrant Catholic German girl. More information ...

Reproduction Sampler  L. Whitear
Antique Samplers ON SALE!

Four antique samplers are ON SALE to make room for a new group of antiques. Mary Wilson, the German SamplerEliza Tremlett and L. Whitear are all on sale at reduced prices. 

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