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The Scarlet Letter
After the Brilliant Joys of Summer,
Come the Subdued Delights of Autumn
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Welcome to winter, three months too soon! With the temperatures dropping it's time to get cozy in your favorite chair with your favorite sampler. The Scarlet Letter has three new designs available:  IES 1704, Hanna Katerina, and Memento Mori (see below for pictures). By popular request, I have reprinted the sampler Jesus Wept and it is now available for ordering. Two more (pictures at right) will be introduced before the end of October: Eleanor Parr, and a Memorial sampler. 

In addition to the new samplers, I have drastically reduced the prices on six antique samplers to make room for a new group of antiques. Elizabeth Forfitt, Katie Sym, Mary Wilson, the German Sampler, Eliza Tremlett and L. Whitear are all on sale. See below for price reduction details. All of these prices are significantly less than what I paid for them.

All the best,


Eleanor Parr


Angels Memorial Sampler

One of my peacocks, Sven,
tries to impress the ladies.

Ester Lane

 "New" Antique Sampler Ester Lane

It is very unusual to find such an early family record sampler made in England. This sampler chronicles the marriage of her parents followed by the births of her four sisters and five brothers. It is stitched with silk on fine linen in a wonderful variety of stitches. More information and pictures are available on the website.

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ON SALE Antiques

The following antiques are ON SALE to make room for "new" antiques!

Elizabeth Forfitt

Elizabeth Forfitt 
ON SALE $850 / now $500
Katie Sym
Katie Sym 
ON SALE $750 / now $450

Mary Wilson

Mary Wilson
ON SALE $2750 / now $1500

L. Whitear
L. Whitear
ON SALE $1950 / now $1550
Eliza Tremlett
Eliza Tremlett 
ON SALE $1150 / now $950
German Sampler

German Sampler
ON SALE $1600 / now $1250

Recent Reproductions

The most recent reproduction samplers are shown below. More pictures and additional information about them is available on the website.

Reproduction Sampler  IES 1704

IES 1704

This intricate and involved sampler features many traditional German sampler motifs dating from the sixteenth century.

Reproduction Sampler  Hanna

Hanna Katerina

This finely stitched German sampler begins with a single row of alphabets above an immensely intricate collection of symbolic cross stitched motifs.

Reproduction Sampler Momento Mori 

 Momento Mori

This piece was designed after an early eighteenth century English sampler. The unusual design unites seventeenth and eighteenth century needlework traditions including the narrow vertical shape and the wide range of stitches. The solidly filled geometric shapes mimic upholstery patterns of the period and this design might have been a practice sampler record for creating cushion and stool covers or chair backs. 

Reproduction Sampler  Jesus Wept

Jesus Wept

Jesus Wept is a rare two-sided miniature sampler circa 1820 which has recently been reprinted.

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