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Spring is Finally Here!
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It has been a long time coming but at last the farm is turning green, and yellow, and peacock blue and I have emerged from my log igloo. I have been in southern France for the past several weeks and the weather there was all over the page, as it has been here in Wisconsin. If you don't like the weather, wait five minutes and it will change. By the time I left, two days ago, the days were crystal clear (AVAS 1723, DMC 809 blue skies) and balmy, perfect weather for canoeing down the Dordogne River. As you can see from the photos, it's awfully nice here right now.

On the sampler front, I have three "new" antiques available for sale, all very exciting and unusual (see photos below). Take a peek at this detail of Mary Ann Drought, an Irish sampler, There will be another German Giant reproduction available toward the end of July.

Also in the works is a reproduction of an amazingly intense early German sampler dated 1734 with so many of the symbolic motifs that these samplers are known for: the fighting angels, Spies of Canaan, an enormous parrot, and that barely scratches the surface. I need to do more research on some of the motifs which I've never seen before but must be significant. It is very difficult to chart because of the condition of the sampler, and the intensity of the design.

The third reproduction sampler to look forward to is Eleanor Parr's, owned by Nicola Parkman. I have never seen a sampler with a border consisting of intertwined birds. It is really exceptional, and I thank Nicola for giving me permission to reproduce it. (photo at right)

The fourth is an original design and I can't reveal much about it except that it was originally inspired by the red and blue floating cherub heads on 12th and 13th century Umbrian paintings.

Happy Springtime to all!


 Apple trees along the
drive are in full bloom

Sven the peacock in all his glory

The water lilies are emerging
in the pond


Eleanor Parr - Future reproduction

Barnyard buddies

Mary Ann Drought

Mary Ann Drought - Antique Sampler

This is a very unusual Irish sampler. The top third could pass as Scottish with the illuminated alphabets and beautiful, delicate double running stitch motifs. An unusual band of ten lozenges is stitched under the alphabets, each with a different petit point motif within in. The lower half of the sampler is dominated by a large altar with a basket on top of it, from which spring flowers and vines.

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Eliza Tremlett

Eliza Tremlett - Antique Sampler

This English sampler is in excellent condition, virtually unfaded in rich shades of blue, red, green, gold, cream and black silks on a finely woven tammy ground. A gold satin stitched sawtooth border surrounds all four sides, and inside that is a four sided meandering floral border, with a third inner sawtooth border surrounding three central reserves.

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A German Sampler

A German Sampler - Antique Sampler

This intricate and involved sampler features many traditional German sampler motifs dating from the sixteenth century.

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Reproduction Sampler Momento Mori 

Reproduction Sampler  Mary Bailey

Recent Reproductions

The two most recent reproduction samplers are Momento Mori and Mary Bailey. If you haven't seen them yet, more information is available on the website.

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