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Hoping for Spring!
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Dare we hope that spring is on its way? After a winter of frozen water pipes, deep freezing cold, and way too much snow, everyone needs a break, all around the world it seems.

Please come visit the website to see two new reproductions: Mary Bailey, and Memento Mori, the latter just off the press today. There is a "new" antique (an oxymoron), Margaret TIllman.

There are a few limited edition accessories on sale while supplies last including pewter pincushions, bone needle/thimble boxes and needleboxes. For a limited time, while supplies last, I will include a historic English reproduction pewter thimble with every order over $35.00.

I've welcomed four new alpacas to Smoke Ham Farm. Meet Branko (the blonde), Percy Didier, Hershey and Schwartz. 

All the best,


Branko (the blonde)

Percy Didier, Hershey
and Schwartz.

Margaret Tillman

Margaret Tillman Antique Sampler

Margaret Tillman dated 1816 is an antique English sampler with very good color features some interesting floral motifs.

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Reproduction Sampler

Momento Mori

Momento Mori - New Reproduction

Memento Mori is an unusual design which unites seventeenth and eighteenth century needlework traditions including the narrow vertical shape and the wide range of stitches. 

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Reproduction SamplerMartha Bailey

Martha Bailey- New Reproduction

Mary Bailey stitched this sampler in England and finished it in 1818. It demonstrates an advanced level of skill given the symmetry of the design and its many diverse elements. 

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Reproduction Sampler  

Wool Tape Trims

Wool Tape Trims for Pocketbooks

Hand woven with wool, and hand dyed with vegetable dyes, these tape trims are used to finish the edges of pocketbooks  (ref our pocketbooks: Gardener Pocketbook, Ann Davis, pocketbook by "ES", and "HS" pocketbook). Available in 1" and 2" widths in very limited quantities. 

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