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Glorious Mid Summer!
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Between harvest, canning and designing, this is a very busy and productive time on the farm. Five "new" antiques have arrived in the past few weeks but won't be posted for sale until they have (or have not) been charted. The antiques listed for sale on the website are uncharted territory if anyone wishes to try his/her hand at this skill.

What is new is an amazing mid 19th century Spanish sampler by Antonia Gonzalez. Thanks to Laura Shepin, I have more information on her than when the chart was published. If you are interested in this unusual and exciting sampler with its circling alphabets and brilliant counted satin stitched bands, remember that there is better information on the website description than on the printed chart. My photos don't do it justice. 

Coming up this autumn is a gorgeous and unusual 
oval sampler made by Ann Thompson in 1803.  At the right is a photograph of the chart pieced together and Tank considering spoiling it, with the original sampler in the upper right corner to illustrate perspective. (He behaved.) 
Next up, I will be reproducing a Norfolk sampler made by Eliza Tagg in 1775. Apologies for the glare at the top of the photo. She appears to be in the original "Hogarth" style frame, needs to be undressed and remounted. The color on the front is amazingly crisp.
If you haven't visited Lynn's in Madison, WI, to see many of our most popular sampler models, there is an entirely new group of Scarlet Letter sampler models on display as of August 5th.

Happy harvest to all (still waiting on the ultimate harvest, Hanover the alpaca's baby, to be born),


Recently Added Antique Samplers

Ann Thompson 

Ann Thompson is a rare and unusual oval sampler dated 1803 in excellent condition, featuring Adam and Eve beside the tree of life with a black serpent. This sampler will be available as a charted reproduction in October 2013. 
Antique Sampler
Katie Sym

 Katie Sym is an exquisitely stitched classic Scottish sampler featuring illuminated letters, an arcaded floral band, traditional motifs including peacocks, birds drinking at the Fountain of Life, feather trees and family initials. This sampler is now available as a charted reproduction.
Antique Sampler
Elizabeth Forfitt

Elizabeth Forfitt is a very finely stitched English sampler with alphabets and three verses at the top, with a scene featuring a large and elaborately detailed flower flanked by two enormous butterflies, within a four sided floral and Greek key border.
Antique Sampler
Christy Clark

Christy Clark, a very finely stitched English sampler with the theme of the four seasons dated 1809.

Antonia Gonzalez - New Reproduction

The unusual circling alphabets and brilliant satin stitching distinguish this sampler made by Antonia Gonzalez, probably made in the village of Brozas in Caceres. Extremadura, Spain. . 

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Katie Sym - New Reproduction

Katie Sym is a very finely stitched classic Scottish sampler featuring three complete rows of beautifully illuminated letters, an arcaded floral band as well as other traditional motifs including peacocks, birds drinking at the fountain of life, feather trees and family initials. The original antique is also available.

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