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Spring Has Arrived!
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It's safe to say that spring has arrived in southern Wisconsin and all sorts of beautiful new things have sprouted on The Scarlet Letter's website.  Please stop by and have a look at the newest sampler designs, antiques, and accessories.

A large selection of Scarlet Letter reproduction sampler models as well as some antique samplers will be on display at Lynn's in Madison, WI, until the end of June.  Lynn's is located on the west side of Madison at 5928 Odana Road.  For more details, call Lynn's at 608-274-1442.

Do you like Tank's new spring "do"?

All the best,

Daffodils in bloom

Daffodils in bloom

Tank's new spring "do"

Five "New" Antique Samplers

Harriot Hammon

Harriot Hammond, dated 1811, is an English Adam and Eve sampler. This wonderfully busy sampler is filled with many traditional and some quite unusual motifs including a coat of arms at the top, an oversized shepherd and shepherdess, woodpeckers, stylized gazebos, fluttering cherubs, squirrels, crows, and Adam and Eve beside the Tree of Life. A four sided meandering floral border surrounds the various scenes, with three verses 

Antique Sampler
Margret Nisbet

Margret Nisbet is beautiful Scottish sampler circa 1770. She is nearly identical to her sister sampler, Katie Sym, dated 1769 (below), down to the near matching original frames. 
Antique Sampler
Katie Sym

 Katie Sym is an exquisitely stitched classic Scottish sampler featuring illuminated letters, an arcaded floral band, traditional motifs including peacocks, birds drinking at the Fountain of Life, feather trees and family initials. This sampler will be available as a charted reproduction later this year.
Antique Sampler
Elizabeth Forfitt

Elizabeth Forfitt is a very finely stitched English sampler with alphabets and three verses at the top, with a scene featuring a large and elaborately detailed flower flanked by two enormous butterflies, within a four sided floral and Greek key border.
Antique Sampler
Christy Clark

Christy Clark, a very finely stitched English sampler with the theme of the four seasons dated 1809.

Reproduction Sampler

The Sampler - New Reproduction

It's rather a generic title but in fact this sampler was directly inspired by an American sampler stitched by Alice Drinkwater, age 11, circa 1815, titled "The Sampler", and formerly in the collection of The Scarlet Letter. The Sampler is available now. 

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Reproduction Sampler

Sarah Dutnel - New Reproduction

At age nine in 1818, Sarah Dutnel created this unusual "tree of life" sampler. A traditional carnation and tulip border in subtle, earthy shades of gold, brown, and cream surrounds the tree. This sampler is now available

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Reproduction Sampler

Scarlet Letter's Christmas Sampler

Inspired by designs from 18th century English, Scottish and American samplers, we have designed a sampler with a holiday theme that makes use of the bold, unfaded colors found on the reverse side of many antique samplers, where exposure to light has not altered their original brilliant hues.

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A Dozen Scissors

Would you like a new pair of scissors? We've just added a dozen unique styles including an angel, cat snips, cross, owl, storklette, swordfish and more! Price for each is $12.00. 


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