Vierlande 1756

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Origin and date: Northern Germany, 1756
Rated: Beginning
Linen count/finished size: 35 count, 13-1/2″x15-1/2″
Stitches: Cross, double running
Source: The German Sampler Museum

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From the German Sampler Museum in Celle, Germany.
This sampler was stitched by a young girl from the northern German region of Vierlande, a small vegetable-growing area southeast of Hamburg on the Elbe River. The extremely geometrical arrangement of the motifs is typical of samplers from Vierlande. It is, however, unusual that this Vierlande sampler was stitched entirely with red silk, with the exception of Adam and Eve’s hair and the serpent, as most Vierlande samplers are monochromatic black. The red color may have some symbolic significance in that red is the color of blood and life. The many variations of flower groupings, some with birds perched on them, and the miniature Trees of Life, are symbols of Paradise, and the many crowns symbolize eternal life. Stitches used in the sampler are cross, and double running.

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