Scottish and American Pincushions



Origin and date: Scottish & American 1749
Rated: Beginning
Linen count and finished size: 30-count (our exclusive weave) 3-1/2″square to 4-3/4″ square
Stitches: Cross and rice stitch
Source: Private collections

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Pincushions have been made and given as tokens of love for centuries, their main purpose of keeping precious pins and needles safe from breaking long since supplanted by this more affectionate role. Three of the block designs at the bottom of the IGR 1749 sampler looked like they might have been intended to be pincushions, so we have excerpted them in this kit, and turned our miniatures into pincushions. (The kit is supplied with instructions for turning them into pincushions, although the materials – backing and stuffing – are not supplied.) The fourth design has been adapted from a circa 1770 American pocketbook in which the maker worked her name, the date, and a short verse into this charming multicolored checkerboard pattern. Ours says: Remember well and bear in mind a faithful friend is hard to find, with space for your own initials and that of a dear friend on the last line. The vignettes vary in size.