Catherine Frances Gilbert 1830


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Aged 11 years, circa 1830

What first attracted me to this sampler were the “broom ladies” who appear on another one of my reproduction samplers made by Sarah Willson in 1837. At first glance, it appears as if they might be playing bagpipes, but they are indeed holding brooms and offering them for sale. It’s an intriguing sampler. Between the broom vendors Catherine has stitched a vignette illustrating a man on horseback passing through a wooded area with his dog at his side.

Overall, the sampler is in very good condition. There are some small holes scattered throughout the ground, most notably in the space where the date would have appeared below the attribution. The area has been removed, or deteriorated, and has been replaced with beadwork.

The sampler is affixed to a wooden stretcher mount, probably original, with fragments of 19th century newspapers.

It measures 21″ x 21″ and is in very good condition.