A German sampler dated 1734

Hanna Katerina

This finely stitched German sampler begins with a single row of alphabets above an immensely intricate collection of symbolic cross stitched motifs, including battling angels, the figure of Justice with her scales, the spies of Canaan, the crucifixion, Adam and Eve beside the tree of life, Solomon's Temple, the Lamb of God, the symbolic Alpha and Omega, the sacrifice of Isaac and much more. The sampler is stitched in cross stitch and cross stitch over one thread of linen, as well as straight stitched silver halos on two of the religious figures. Some of the names and/or words on the original sampler were not legible, but we were able to translate the phrases Solideo Goloria (All glory to God) and Syndige Nicht (Do not sin) as well as some names. On 40 count linen the reproduction will come closest in size to the original: 15-1/2" x 17". It is recommended for intermediate level needle workers.

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Kit with cotton floss $105.00
Kit with silk floss $208.00
Graph only $25.00
Finished Model $1850.00