Continental Sampler 1744

CONTINENTAL SAMPLER DATED 1744 This colorful and ambitious piece is a sampler in every sense of the word, displaying experimental designs in a variety of unusual stitch variations. Its origin is likely France, Belgium or possibly the Netherlands, as the date on it is 31 MARS (March, in French) 1744. Beautiful floral and geometric motifs fairly burst off the linen, executed in cross, petit point, queen, and eyelet stitches that have 32 and 24 "arms." On 32 count linen the finished sampler will measure approximately 12" x 14".

Origin and date: France or Belgium 31 Mars (March in French) 1744
Linen count/finished size: 32 count, 12"x14"
Stitches: cross, petit point, queen, and eyelet, 32 and 24 "arms."

Kit with cotton floss: $92.00
Kit with silk floss: $143.00
Graph Only: $21.00
Finished Model: $650.00