Elizabeth Brain

This pictorial English sampler has been reproduced by silk-screening the design onto fine linen, very similar to the ground the original piece was worked on. The majority of the original (in the collection of the Victoria and Albert Museum) was not stitched using the counted-thread technique, but rather this beautiful curvilinear free-form design, which has been drawn onto the fine linen, and should be filled in with stem, satin, back, chain, and outline stitches. Worked in lovely age-mellowed shades of greens, browns, golds, rose and blue, the finished size is the same as the original: 16-1/2"x13". The verse is:
In conversation speak with ease
Shun barbarous words as Rocks in Seas
A blank cartouche has been left in the lawn area for your own personalization. This project is recommended for any skill level.

Origin and date: England, 1785
Rated: Any Level
Finished size: 16-1/2"x13"
Stitches: stem, satin, back, chain, outline
Source: Victoria & Albert Museum

Kit with cotton floss: $94.00
Kit with silk floss: $170.00
Finished Model: $850.00