Elizabethan Stitches

by Jacqui Carey

The Needlework Collection: 1

In 2009, Jacqui Carey published Sweet Bags: an Investigation into 16th and 17th Century Needlework detailing some of her academic and practical research that centered on these particular textiles. Elizabethan Stitches has been produced in an effort to expand on the practical issues raised by the author's observations, and to aid those wishing to reproduce historic items.

The author's detailed study of surviving artifacts has revealed that many of the stitches found on 16th and 17th century textiles differ from those used today. For over one hundred years, publications discussing historic English needlework have described the historic stitches in relation to the stitches made popular by women such as Therese de Dillmont, Grace Christie (writing as Mrs. Archibald Christie), and Mary Thomas. However, the visual evidence found on the surviving textiles does not correspond with these modern interpretations. Unfortunately, most of the stitches shown in Elizabethan Stitches have been obsolete for so long that they do not appear in stitch dictionaries. It is hoped that this book will provide a valuable reference source for those wishing to identify and catalog historic work, as well as providing practical 'how-to' instruction.

All the stitches shown in this book have been found on surviving items, and case studies are used to provide the visual evidence. Diagrams are used throughout the book to clarify the stitch structures, and where possible the obsolete stitches have been compared to modern stitches that are recognized today. Step-by-step instructions offer a method for making each stitch, and a discussion of historic design shows how the stitches might be used.

160 pages

No longer available.