Gallery of Antique Samplers
Sold by the Scarlet Letter

Listed below are antique samplers which have been previously sold by the Scarlet Letter. Although these antiques are no longer available for purchase, some of them have been reproduced. Please click on the name or photo of the antique to see more information about it including a link to the reproduction kit if one is available.

Antiques are in alphabetic order by the title or last name of the stitcher. To search the titles for a word or phrase, type it in the box below and click the search button. For example, type ann to find all antiques with the name ann in the title. Type a to find all stitcher's last names or titles starting with the letter A.

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Sarah Brown 1834

This English sampler is a memorial to her deceased brother. It is framed in an old- possibly original- mahogany frame with gilt slip and glass. The sampler is stitched with silk on linen, entirely in cross stitch. It is packed with motifs including a cathedral a lion, stars, birds, fruit baskets, fir trees, hearts, a crown, flowers, insects, acorns and potted flowering plants including a bold and beautiful four sided undulating floral border...

Jean Budno

A classic Scottish sampler featuring the well known "mystery Mansion", this ambitious sampler also displays many other characteristic Scottish motifs including groups of family initials,and stacked evergreen trees with stags beneath them.

Janet Burnet 1830

This is a beautiful, colorful Scottish sampler stitched with a wonderful variety of stitches including satin, queen, eyelet, petit point, cross and back. A four sided arcaded floral border surrounds two alphabets, numerals and family initials in the upper register. ...

Mary Ann Canby

This is a spectacular English sampler elegantly executed in fine silk, containing a variety of finely worked motifs and text both in counted and free form techniques.

Christy Clark 1809

Very finely stitched English sampler with the theme of the four seasons.

Elizabeth Cox, dated 1838 An English sampler

This beautifully preserved sampler retains its original, intense color, and exhibits a wide variety of stitches in its rendering of floral sprays and a bucolic scene, complete with a thatched cottage with mullioned windows, a garden folly, and fields of ripened grain. There is some minor wear to the background, but it has been professionally remounted, cleaned, and stabilized...

Mary Ann Drought

This is a very unusual Irish sampler signed "Mary Ann Drought Droughtville Forest 1807".

Elizabeth Dunn

Possibly Scottish, this adorable little sampler in very good condition features the phrase FEAR GOD, worked in eyelet stitch as its main focal point.

Barbara Eddie

A Scottish sampler stitched with wool threads on hand woven wool cloth, consisting of a series of alphabets, numerals and family initials.

Elizabeth Forfitt 1749

Very finely stitched English sampler with alphabets and three verses at the top, with a scene featuring a large and elaborately detailed flower flanked by two enormous butterflies, within a four sided floral and Greek key border.

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