Finished Decemr ye 8

Susanna Parker

English band sampler consisting of rows of alphabets, vowels, numerals, pattern bands, verses and crowns, executed in cross, petit point, stem, satin and eyelet stitches. The first verse is a quote from John Dryden (1631-1700):

Fragrant the Rose is but it fades in time. The violet
sweet but quickly past the Prime. White Lillies hang
Their Heads and soon decay and whiter snows in Minutes
melt away. Such and so withring are our early joys
Which Time or sickness speedily destroys.

The second verse is:

Death at a Distance we but slightly fear
He brings his Terrors as he draws more near
Through Poverty, Pain, Slav'ry, we drudge on
The worst of Beings better please than none
No Price too dear to purchase Life and Breath
The heaviest Burthens easier than Death.

The condition is very good (archival mounting), 8-1/2" x 17 "sampler alone, with the frame 12" x 20-1/2".