Mary Oare

An English tablet-style sampler stitched with silk on fine linen, featuring three stanzas of a verse titled "On Virtue" within two large columns with intricately stitched birds (possibly a swan and a phoenix) atop the columns, with a four sided floral border. Cupids with bows and dogs flank the columns on both sides. Stitches used are cross, counted satin, freehand stem and satin filling. The sampler has been conserved by and deaccessioned from the Metropolitan Museum of Art. It is not framed, and measures 12"x14". The color is very good, the condition is fair. The verses are:

Virtue soft Balm of eve.y woe
Of eve.y grief the Cure
Tis thou a lone that Canst bestow
Pleasure unmixed and Pure.
The shady woods the verdant
Meads are virtues flow.ry Roads
Nor painful are the steps which
Lead to her Divine Abode
Tis not in Palaces or Halls
She or her Train appear
Far of she flies from Pompous walls
Virtue and Peace dwells here.