Elizabeth Hicks

This beautiful jewel toned English sampler was stitched on a very fine linen in vibrant shades of silk, using cross and counted thread satin stitches separating four verses:

Make much of precious Time while in your Power
Be careful well to husband ev'ry hour:
For Time Will come When you shall sore lament
The unhappy Minutes that you have mispent.

If you desire to worship God aright
First in the Morning pray, and last at Night,
Crave for his Blessing on your Labours all
And in Distress for his Assistance call.

Return the Kindness that you receive
As far as your Ability gives leave:
Nothing is more unmannerly and rude
Than that vile Temper of Ingratitude

By this ingenuos Maids
may see what by the
needl wrought
may be.

Elizabeth Hicks ended this sampler on ye 14 year of her age July ye 20, 17.45

The sampler itself measures 9" x 12". While it has a number of small holes, it has been professionally cleaned, conservation mounted, and remains in its original frame behind acid free spacers and conservation glass.