Elizabeth Harrison

This English samplers was made when Elizabeth was only eight years old. There is an unusual coat of arms in the top quarter depicting a crowned lion and a unicorn flanking a large crown, with this verse below it:

Range where you please in Water
Earth and Air. God is in every
thing and every where

A gentleman with a walking staff stands beside a large stag, between two large pots of flowers. Other motifs include a green parrot perched on a cage, sheep, trees, and birds. A four sided strawberry border surrounds the sampler. The inscription says "M. Campbell's School Poulton." (Poulton is a market town in Lancashire, UK.) Stitches used are cross, eyelet, four sided, petit point and counted satin. The sampler itself measures 13-1/2" x 11", dimensions to the outside edge of the figured maple frame are 15" x 18". Very good color and condition, with some minor holes.